Why You Need A List Of New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made your list of resolutions yet for the New Year? If you have not, I recommend you do as soon as you can. Why am I encouraging to do this, even though the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions has somehow become more or less a meaningless cliche?

indexOf course I’m aware that over 90% of those who make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year will have dropped them completely by February the 15th. Yes I know. It means nothing to many people these days. If there is anything at all, some people end up resenting their decision to do a list of resolutions, simply because it makes them feel even worse about themselves than before they started. Because they find it difficult to continue their new disciplines, they end up tagging themselves as lazy, weak, useless and good for nothing.

Your Success Is Hidden In Your Relentless Self-Evaluation
But here is the real truth: There are loads of benefits in giving your mind something to work on at the beginning of the year. Success is impossible without your willingness to evaluate where you are at the moment and where you desire to be, regardless of whether or not you know how to get there, which is what the New Year’s resolution idea is all about.
The New Year represents new beginning. The end of a calendar year and the start of another, offering a fresh start to all humanity as they strive for positive changes and improved life experiences.

On that note, making a list of resolutions is a great habit necessary for progress and happiness. Ask highly successful people, they will tell you about their long lists of resolutions. Also, they will tell you that they cannot afford to have annual resolutions only, but monthly, weekly and daily constant resolutions and evaluation processes. This is one of the secrets of their astonishing achievements – relentless goal-setting and achieving.
Your mind is a goal-striving entity. If you do not put any goal in front of it to achieve, it becomes weakened and will soon get corrupted by all the negative and degrading junk which are constantly flying around in the world. An idle mind is always the devil’s workshop, as they say!

Why Did Some People Succeed While Others Fail?
Now here is a million-dollar question: Why is it that some people succeed in their New Year’s resolutions while others fail? Why do some people seem to find the willpower to change their negative habits and turn their lives around for the better, while others seem to have got stuck in their old negative habits and unproductive lifestyle?

Well, according to studies conducted by the American Psychological association (2002), whether or not one will succeed in your New Year’s resolutions has nothing to do with your talents or the strength of your willpower or capability to change. Rather, it has a lot to do with our inner beliefs. In other words, what is most important to your well-being and success is how healthy your inner beliefs are, and not how great your talents and natural abilities are. Natural abilities, without positive mental belief, cannot produce their true potentialities and greatness.

Your inner beliefs are sets of principles and values, locked in the subconscious mind, by which you live and run your life. They are also called your mind-set, life philosophy or mental blue-print. Your inner beliefs determine the kind of thoughts come to your mind, the kind of meaning you give to things and the kind of actions you choose to take. They are also responsible for how you see yourself and how you think others see you. Basically, they run your entire life.

For example, if your mental blueprint  says you are a failure, regardless of the number of fabulous opportunities that come your way, you will still find ways to fail – because failure is your inner identity, from which you cannot deviate.

Likewise, if your inner beliefs say you will always suffer from panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression and other anxiety disorders, no matter how hard you try in the physical, you will always end up with all those psychosomatic disorders.
This is because you cannot rise above the height which your mental blue-print has set for you. Your life will always stay consistent with the dictates of your subconscious blue-print.

It is like a computer, you cannot make it do anything that it’s not programmed to do by the manufacturer. If you want your computer to do something different, you will have to re-write its program or do some upgrades on it. Your mental blueprint works the same way – if you want to change the way it functions, you will have to input new information into it. Mental blue-print upgrade is necessary before you can create a new life experience.

Where Do You Start Now?
Now, where do you start? How can you make sure this year is not like the previous? I’ll suggest you start by de-escalating your negative beliefs about yourself. Get rid of all your negative mental blueprint or beliefs about yourself. By doing so, you will create the most powerful success platform there is – positive mind-set. This is a priceless key to peace, happiness, productivity and success.

You can read how to do this in my article, 5 Ways To Succeed In Your New Year’s Resolutions.

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