Why Am I So Discouraged and Feeling Hopeless?

“Be courageous; don’t permit the hurts of your past to paralyze the hopes of your future. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here. Today is really what you have to change the future you are entering into. But if you focus on your past today, you also poisoning your future joy…

Choose to leave the past behind. Accept the hurt, the pain and all the injustices the past reminds you of, and decide to create a different future. Those who hold unto their detested past rarely get to embrace their desired future….

  • Talk to somebody qualified who can help you reconcile with your past.
  • Choose a role model  – someone whose accomplishment you desire to have, and begin to learn from that person….
  • Visualise your future like that of your hero. This focuses your mind on the possibilities of your future, and not on the pain and mistakes of your past.
  • Hang out with friends who are positive, motivated and are going somewhere great themselves – stay away from hopeless, negative and pessimistic friends. If you don’t they will drag the more into depression and hopeless living ” -Wale Oladipo
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