Why Am I Feeling Drained All the Time?

“If you can regulate what you listen to, you can conserve your valuable energy; wrong voices drain energy. Pay attention to the kind of music you are listening to or the kind of TV programme you often watch. most importantly, examine your circle of friends. If your friends are negative, chances are they are sapping your energy with their negativity….

Sound is energy –  which ca be positive or negative. Therefore, you must ensure you only allow quality sound of positivity into your mind. Also if you think negatively all the time, it might be that you are the one who is draining your won energy system with your habitual negative thinking….

So, start to interrupt yourself each time you think negatively. then say the exact opposite of that negative thought back to yourself 7 times. For example, if you catch yourself thinking that, ” at 30, I am still a failure..” turn that to “At 30 I am a success and on my way to greater things.” If you repeat things like these long enough, you will change your automatic mental programming that will work to your advantage.” -Wale Oladipo

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