Wale Oladipo Inspires Students Through Bradford Careers Talks

Wale Oladipo, founder of Mind Body Breakthrough, and one of E3 Bradford’s Enterprise Champions, recently spoke to students at St Bede’s Catholic Grammar School about his career journey and what his keys to business success have been.

Here is his account of the session.

770px-A_sunny_day_in_Bradford_City_Park_(Taken_by_Flickr_user_8th_September_2012)At St. Bede’s Catholic Grammar, part of my focus for the session with the year 10 students (a classroom of 30) was to help them better understand what they need to be successful in their careers, as well as different routes they can take to career success, such as apprenticeships, work experience and starting their own business.

I started by asking this question:

“ How many of you would like to start your own business in the future?”

About one third of the class raised their hands. Then I asked the second question:

“ How many of you want to do well in life?”

This time, all thirty students raised their hands. At this stage I sensed I might have their attention!

It was incredible to see their level of concentration rise when I told them that I was there to share my life experiences and proven success principles that will help them do well in life. They were eager, engaged and seemed to be full of positive expectation about my talk.

I shared my story about the routes I took into my current career and how my various work experiences and apprenticeships have shaped my knowledge, confidence and resilience to eventually start my own business.

Regarding principles and attitudes necessary for success, I drew from my upcoming book entitled, The PROM Model: 4 master Keys to Happiness and Success for TEENS. The word “P.R.O.M” is an acronym which stands for PURPOSE, RESPONSIBILITY, OPTIMISM, MASTERY.

At the end of the session, I sensed they really enjoyed the session by the intensity of the round of applause they gave me after I finished my talk.

Special thanks to the E3 team who are working really hard to make a huge difference to the lives of young people by mobilising local businesses to inspire and motivate school students so that we can, together, contribute to the academic and economic success of our society.

This activity was delivered through a partnership between E3 Bradford and careers provider, Prospects, and was one of a series of careers talks delivered at St Bede’s Catholic Grammar School and St Joseph’s Catholic College in June. 

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