Top 12 Daily Disciplines of Highly Successful People

Highly successful people understand the importance of daily disciplines. You’ve probably heard many times that success is predictable. What that means is that there are timeless success principles that millions of people have used to navigate their way from obscurity to prosperity and massive influence.

shutterstock_221540719All you have to do is find out what these success disciplines are, then make them part of your daily habits. Practise them tenaciously until your desired future unfolds.Now, if you are ready to change the course of your entire life for the better, I have got some of those success principles for you below to go to work on.




  1. Highly successful people rise early in the morning.

    Top performers are early risers. They get their day rolling way before the average person gets off the bed. It is not that they do not like to sleep. They intentionally discipline themselves to do the things which are hard, necessary and important to their future. They refuse to indulge in excessive sleeping which can make people depress and broke. Rather, they prefer to get off their bed as early as possible in order to commit to diligence and productivity. This is one of the success disciplines that sets them apart for greater achievements.

  2. Highly successful people read 30-60 minutes everyday.

    Great accomplishers are daily readers. They read quality books in their chosen field that flood their mind with great ideas and fresh ways of thinking. They wake up early enough to study books related to their vocation before they go to work. This is what keeps their mind fresh and motivated, separated from the rusty majority.

  3. Highly successful people re-write their major goals every morning.

    This is one of the most powerful secrets to a super-charged and result-driven living. When you re-write your major goals each morning, you programme your mind for self-expression, energy, action and creativity – which then enables you to accomplish those goals a lot quicker. Highly successful achievers understand and practise this secret.

  4. Highly successful people visualise their goal in its completed state.

    The psyche of great achievers are always inundated with vivid pictures of their desired future. They visualise their dreams as being already realised even before they get started. They understand one of the greatest laws of mind that says, “Whatever future you continue to visualise in its completed state, with passion and confidence, will inevitably move toward you.” Through active and purposeful visualisation, they authorise the law of the universe to work to their favour.

  5. Highly successful people prioritise their daily tasks.

    High achievers never major on a minor task and minor on a major task. They never spend their precious time on a low value task, then hoping their high value tasks will take care of themselves. Successful people rate everything that they need to do each day according to the level of their importance. They never begin the second most important thing for the day unless they have completely finished their most important task. This is one of the greatest time management skills that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

  6. Highly successful people document their daily thoughts, insight and ideas.

    Highly successful people understand that ideas rule the world, and for that reason, they cannot trust their memories as far as good ideas are concerned. So they never miss any opportunity to write down their ideas for future reviews and development. Extraordinary achievers never trivialise their creative thoughts or spontaneous enlightenment. They are smart enough to keep a notepad or recording device with them all the time to ensure their new thoughts and ideas never slip through the net.

  7. Highly successful people constantly look for a problem to solve.

    While the average person is busy avoiding problems, top achievers accrue problems. Why? Because they know that every problem is an opportunity. They realise that they can have everything they desire if they help enough people solve their problems. Successful people are always looking for problems to solve because when you solve a problem, you qualify for a reward –  it could be tangible rewards such as money or intangible rewards such as personal satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness – all of which are part of the requirement for creating a good life.

  8. Highly successful people see failures as feedback.

    Uncommon achievers never get depressed for too long over their challenges. They may feel the sorrow of failure, but they never allow it to define who they are. Rather, they analyse every setback and extract the wisdom trapped in it. They then get back to work to ensure they never make the same mistake again. Failures, to them, is like a feedback device that guides them along the way until they hit their desired target. That is why they try more things than the average person. High achievers take more calculated risks in order to gain enough feedback that will eventually set them on course for their greatest ideals and goals.

  9. Highly successful people add value to others daily.

    Big people build other people up while small people tear them down. Highly successful people understand the value of people. They know that nobody succeeds alone and that everybody needs somebody. So, they make it their daily passion to encourage, build up and intentionally add value to everyone they come in contact with through out the day. They are constantly activating the iron law of the human race that says, “Whatever you sow, you will reap.” That is why they themselves never lack encouragement, motivation, energy and of course, great people that will also help them achieve their goals.

  10. Highly successful people daily turn their car into a university on wheels

    . Exceptional performers are obsessed with personal development. They never waste valuable times. Every minute matters. Even the so called “non-productive times” like driving times – is extremely productive to them. As they drive around to various places, they listen to motivational, educational or inspirational audios. They feed their mind with quality thoughts continuously while driving in their car. Since the average commuter spends between 500 to 1000 hours a year driving, top achievers ensure every minute of that time is spent in programming their mind for greater success. Little wonder the gap between the top 10% performers and the bottom 10% in all the fields of life is getting wider everyday.

  11. Highly successful people evaluate their day before they go to bed at night.

    Highly successful people never go to bed until they reflect on the entire activities of the day. They figure out what they did right, what they did wrong and what they can do to improve the following day. Top achievers are constantly learning through their relentless self-evaluation process.

  12. Highly successful people plan the next day before they go to bed at night.

    Highly successful people always tap into the power of their subconscious mind. They understand that whatever they feed into their mind before bedtime, their mind will go to work through out the night to magnify that very thing. That is why they identify their priorities for the following day before they fall asleep. While the average person is feeding his mind with all kinds of junk from the late night TV programmes, top achievers are planning the next day so that their mind can go to work for them for ideas, fresh understanding, new perspectives, composure and for the personal power that they need to succeed the next day.

In conclusion, success is surely predictable! All of the above success habits if practised will most certainly increase your chance of achieving your major goals in life. However, you must be ready to persevere in your success habits. Lasting success takes time. It does not happen over night. You will need to develop unshakable tenacity for success disciplines and positive actions.

Unfortunately, this is where many people throw in the towel and quit. Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration and encouragement from this article to keep going and never to quit, even in the midst of failures, setbacks and adversities.

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