The Power Of Preparation

Preparation is the secret door to significance. Great achievers understand the importance of relentless preparation of their mind, body, emotions and key skills.

preparationExceptional athletes go through many years of painstaking preparation before turning up for the Olympics. Why? Because they are smart enough to know that the quality of their preparation will decide the quality of their performance. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today,” rightly said by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

How Big Are Your Goals?

Do you have a big goal, dream or ambition? You will have to begin to prepare rigorously for it. In order for your invisible vision to become visible, you will have to put in place positive daily activities. You must initiate daily goals that will prepare you for the future that you desire. Your future will require continuous improvements in quality information, self-awareness, sufficient key skills and excellence.

Condition Your Mind For Success

If you desire an uncommon destiny, it then becomes imperative that you condition your mind daily for uncommon success – a deliberate act of programming yourself for accomplishment through focussed daily preparation. “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure,” said Confucius.

A Proof of Belief

Preparation is one of the greatest proofs of belief. When you move from just talking about your desired future to actually training and developing yourself for it, you demonstrate confidence and belief that your future is a possibility.

Confidence Attracts

Confidence is a potent energy for attraction. If you show confidence towards something, you will attract more of that same thing. On the other hand, whatever you show lack of confidence towards, you will repel.

In the same way, concerning preparation, the confidence that you demonstrate when you choose to start preparing for your desired future will begin to attract your desired future towards you. It is called the Law of Attraction.

If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavours to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours,” said Henry David Thoreau, the American philosopher. It is impossible to work into a great future that you’ve not qualified for through rigorous preparations.

Questions to Ponder Upon

What are your goals in life? What do you want to achieve? What is your greatest passion? How badly do you need your goals to turn into reality? What is the quality of your preparation?

4 Little Steps Towards Your Big Future

  1. Identify at least 3 key activities that you will begin to do daily that will link you into your goals.
  2. Make sure you do those 3 activities every single day.
  3. Persevere. Refuse to quit or suspend your daily habits in the face of hardship, adversities or discouragement.
  4. Be patient. It takes time for success to happen. No significant achievements happen overnight. You will have to be patient in maintaining your daily success habits.

Quotes to Note

“Quality daily habits are the bridges between where you are and where you want to be.” – Wale Oladipo

“Your significant future will only arrive at the speed of your preparation for it.” – Wale Oladipo

Create Your Own Luck

We must all be careful not to misinterpret the true definition of luck. Luck is simply what happens to you when painstaking preparation collides with opportunity. In his own words, Tony Robins, the famous success teacher says that, “The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.”

What do you need to do, learn, know, master, say, see, have, endure or overcome daily that will best prepare you and move you towards your goals?

These activities are your magic links to your success! Identify them and focus to do them daily. Quality daily activities are the secret doors to great accomplishments. Excel in them and birth your future.



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