Are You A Victim of Distrust?

Nothing is as destructive and devastating in life as the gremlins of distrust. Many marriages, promising relationships, businesses, careers and lifetime opportunities have been ruined because of distrust. Distrust is the loss of confidence in the character or competence of another. When someone who once trusted you begins to be doubtful and suspicious of your integrity or capability, a seed of distrust has been sown.

Trust is a photograph of character, and your character is the direct representation of what you really are, relating to the society with which you interact. In business, whenever people stop trusting you, they stop trading with you. In relationships, once the anchor of trust is removed, intimacy and confidence also fly away. Trust is the magnet for success in every human enterprise. It is the key to longevity and fulfilment in every relationship.

Trust is the beauty of attitude. When trust is lost, great attitude is lost – and when great attitude is lost, great character is lost. As Albert Einstein once said, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” You cannot climb the ladder of significance in life beyond the level your attitude is willing to take you. “Your attitude, not your aptitude,” said Zig Ziglar, “will determine your altitude.”

Trust is the heart-beat of a winning attitude – and the magnetism of character. Without it men and women of great favour will be repelled. Without it, diligence, natural ability, creativity and passion will fail. The glory of man is hidden in the dignity of his trustworthiness. “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost,” said Billy Graham.

In whatever you do, nurture your integrity. Protect your integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. Do what you say you will do. Do not do what you know you should not do. Refrain from allowing a momentary and fleeting act of foolishness to destroy a lifetime of access, opportunities, possibilities, favour and respect that trust brings. Demand constant integrity from yourself, and take the time to acknowledge and reward it in others.

Here is a question you may want to consider: Do you feel your integrity has been tarnished in one way or the other before those people that really matter to you in life because of your past errors? Approach them in humility and ask for another chance to make things right. Credibility can be rebuilt. Trust can be regained, but only by your new track records of consistency.

Remember, trust is not attained by being a perfect individual, but rather by being proactive in fulfilling your promises, by being humble and vulnerable enough to admit your mistakes when you do make some, by honouring the protocols and preferences of another and by being sensitive to the needs, pains and discomforts of others.

Perhaps others have decided to destroy your credibility before those who trust you dearly. Evil people often use the weapon of distrust to ruin the credibility of trustworthy men and women. They fabricate lies against the innocent and sow distrust in the heart of their supporters, for the purpose of dragging them down from their enviable positions. But truth always prevails. Truth always bails trust out. So if you are in this situation, be courageous and remain persistent to your integrity. You can never be overcome by evil, if you remain in a powerful state of truthfulness.

Keep on living, loving and learning – and I’ll see you at the TOP.



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