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10 Things You Can Do To Harness the Power of Silence And Create An Amazing Life

“Your success in life can literally be determined by your willingness to embrace silence.” Are you comfortable in silence? Or do you try your best to get rid of silence as quickly as possible by turning on the TV, the radio, the iPod, or your CD player, even when you know you do not need…

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Cooperate With The Universe

If only you will play the right notes (such as belief, self-discipline, integrity), the universe is designed to convert the melody produced into success and fulfilment. According to the universal law of cause and effect (also known as the law of sowing and reaping), earth will always present back to you, in an amplified form,…

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7 Golden Steps to Self-Discipline

Why Do I Struggle to Sustain Self-Discipline? Do you find it really hard to motivate yourself to start what you know you should be doing? Or have you embarked on a positive habit before and a few days later, dropped it all together? Do you feel you lack the self-discipline required to break a weakening negative…

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