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7 Steps to Gain Control Over Your Bad Feelings

We are all creatures of relationship. And as such, we pick up different kinds of feelings as we interact with others. Some are bad feelings while others are good. But what happens when we develop a bad feeling concerning someone or something? How do we handle the left-behind uneasiness and the agitation? How do we…

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The Power of Positive Attitude

A positive attitude will take you further than genius. Genius is intelligence, while positive attitude is character. Genius is brainpower, whereas positive attitude is a mind-set. But the key determinant of your future is not your brain-set, but your mind-set. A person with an exceptional ability without a positive attitude will never fulfil his full…

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Feeling Like a Loser? Read This

Nobody becomes a loser for failing; we are only termed “losers” when we quit trying. Therefore, the word “Loser” is really a “quit” term, and not a “failure” term. Losers are so called not because they lack the winning potential or success capabilities, but because they’ve basically accepted the failure mind-set and stopped trying. Such…

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