say no more to success more

Say NO More to Succeed More

Nowadays, many of us are finding it difficult to say no to things or people that are not necessarily good for us. We are inundated with distractions. Everywhere you look, someone seems to want a piece of you. It is not totally your fault of course. We can all blame it on the explosions of communications technology and various social media platforms.

Strangers can now effortlessly reach you on your telephone. Junk emails are becoming more compelling. Non-stop text messages coupled with countless Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter notifications now interrupt your focus like no other.

While many of us are curious to embrace distractions, out top priorates go unaddressed. Many people want to succeed in life but they can’t say no to all of the people and distractions that would otherwise break their focus.

If You Can’t Say No to Distractions, Greatness Can’t Say Yes to You.

Focus is one of the most important keys to success. Learning to say no to things that will keep you off track is the only way you can stay focused on the high value tasks that will link you to the results you intend to produce in life. People will politely ask for your time. Others will make you feel bad if you are not dancing along to their demands. But it is your responsibility to discern whether or not it is wise at that particular time to say yes. Every decision you are making regarding your time is creating for you a future of great achievement or that of mediocrity.

If You Can’t Eliminate, You Won’t Multiply

If your income and results must increase, you will have to eliminate distractors, time-killers and those requests and tasks with low payoffs. You are going to have to structure your day so that you are completely focusing your time and energy on people, tasks and opportunities that provide you a high payoff. Remember most things that distracts us are not necessarily bad things. They can just be good things that guarantee a broken focus for you at any given time.

Don’t just be busy, be disciplined. Being active is not enough, stay focused. Don’t just keep moving, ensure you are moving in a right direction and on track. On a daily basis, create strong boundaries about what you will take on and what you won’t take on.

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