How to get from where you are to where you want to beThe Power Of Optimism: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be (Mp3) (105 minute Audio)

Your success in life is never inevitable. It is possible, but it does not have to happen. If it must happen, you will have to make it happen. You probably know someone who, according to his abilities, passion and willingness, should have succeeded but did not.

Desire, abilities and willpower are not enough. You must know the keys or principles for unlocking the doors of the future you desire. Success is a progressive realization of a predetermined goal, using proven success principles. And this is EXACTLY what this audio offers you in a step-by-step, and easy-to-apply version.

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Price: £24.00

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 How To Overcome Self-Doubt: Gain More Confidence and Release Your Creative Potential (MP3) (53 minute audio)

Self-doubt is the number one success assassin. It kills dreams, shatters hopes and destroys confidence. But if you desire to be happy, successful and fulfilled in life, you will have to overcome self-doubt. 

The difference between exceptional achievers and non-achievers is what they do with their self-doubt. Successful people overcame their self-doubt, while the unsuccessful people were subdued by it. Your happiness and accomplishments in life will be in direct porportion to your ability to conquer self-doubt.

This is a powerful material to help you defeat your self-doubt and super-charge your mind with confidence, creativity, personal power and a stronger sense of destiny and purpose.

Price: £25

Price: £14.00

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 The Psychology of Attraction: How To Overcome Feelings of Being Unloved & Start Attracting Quality Relationships

shutterstock_woman walkingDo you sometimes feel like you are distant and detached from the world around you, including your family and friends? Are you increasingly noticing the magnitude of the unfriendliness of most of the people you come across? 

Do you always feel there is a love-vacuum within which that is seriously crying to be filled? Are you becoming more and more tempted to do whatever it takes to make someone love you, regardless of the appropriateness or healthiness of the relationship?

If you can relate with any of the above questions, this eBook is for you. Discover simple but powerful insights and timeless principles of attraction that can literary transform your relationship life in no time. Learn how those who are very successful with people and  in relationship think. Find out some of the principles they adopt to create a good life and become irresistibly personable and how you too can turn your entire experience around for good.

Price: £14.00

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Guided Imagery For Overcoming Panic Attacks and Building Self-Confidence - MBB14A

3DPanicAX Image


Price: £24.99  



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The Complete 7-Week Anxiety Panic Recovery Breakthrough Programme - (Full  Recovery Programme)

Price: £147.97






Overcome Intrusive Thoughts and Inner Critical Voice (Full  Recovery Programme)

Price: £159.97





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