Patience: a Catalyst for Fulfilment

Patience is energy that can attract your desired future if you don’t give up. Life is a study of patience. The quicker we learn, the faster we will pass the test of patience that life brings and move up in the ladder of happiness and fulfilment. Whatever good thing we desire in life, we often have to cross the bride of patience to meet it. Patience is a virtue that we cannot ignore if we are to be happy and achieve our full potential. How do we then cope in a world that sees patience as weakness or as an unnecessary act. How can you make sure you do you do not miss out in life by quitting too soon? How can you develop the tenacity to hold unto your dreams event when it seems that all the odds are against your progress? How can we crush the instant gratification effect that often jeopardise our long term dreams and goals?

In this short clip, I share a few thoughts to turn you from a worrying warrior into a conquering general, championing patience as your ultimate weapon for greater self-expression and victory.

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