Overcoming Habitual Negative Thoughts

Habitual negative thoughts carry with them a huge amount of negative energy, capable of messing up your brain and nervous system. They can shatter your self-confidence, steal your peace, sap your energy and leave you with overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, loneliness and meaninglessness.

Continuous negative thoughts generate so much tension that if nothing is done about it, can lead to anxiety disorders and other psychosomatic conditions (physical illnesses caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as stress).

Another thing to bear in mind, though, is that if you are having constant and recurrent negative and dark thoughts, it could be a symptoms of anxiety disorder which has somehow established itself. So you want to start looking at ways to kick out your anxiety. You can get my FREE eBook: The Essential Guide To Anxiety Panic Recovery.

Try the below steps to overcome your habitual negative thoughts:

1. Identify and Write down Each Negative Thought. The best place to begin is to identify your negative thoughts  as they come to you and make sure you write them down. I recommend you take your top three negative thoughts – the most disturbing three – and write them down. Then run them through all the steps below before moving on to other dominant negative thoughts you may have.

There is magic in writing down your thought processes. Once a thought is written down, you automatically become more powerful than that thought. It’s like there is an unseen life-force, from your mind to the paper, that sucks power out of the negative thought you are writing down, leaving you stronger, better and powerful.

2. Change The Negative Thoughts To Positive. This is called the law of displacement. You displace dark, cruel, anxious, stressful and disempowering thoughts with thoughts of positivity, calm, peace, strength and hope. Just like you get rid of darkness in your room by turning the light on, you do the same when you write down the exact opposites of the negative thoughts.

Recent studies suggest that early suppression of negative thoughts can keep millions of people from developing full-blown depression. And the best way to do this is by changing those negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

For example, let’s say you can’t seem to get the thought that you will lose your job and become destitute off your mind. All you need to do is to write down the opposite of that, for example, “ I am alway in work and at every single time, more opportunities open for me than I really need.” What you are doing here is taking control of your mind. And if you say this with confidence and positive expectations, you will never run out of great opportunities that will keep you in work as long as you want. If one door closes, another one will open for you.

3. Get The New Positive Thought Registered In Your Subconscious Mind. Your goal here is to make sure that your deeper mind accepts this new empowering thought. How do you do that? You achieve this through REPETITION. Repetition is a valuable code of the subconscious. Whatever your mind keeps hearing, it will eventually accept as truth. So what you want to do is to start repeating your new positive thoughts to yourself. Do it constantly. Do it repeatedly. Do it daily. Do it with passion, conviction and belief.

One effective way of doing this is to imagine that you are holding a volume control knob of a radio or CD player. Then you imagine turning up your new positive thoughts starting from the zero volume to the maximum volume. Make sure you let your voice also reflect the changing in the  volume levels – start to say your new positive affirmation quietly as though the volume control is at the lowest level. Then get louder gradually, until you are literally shouting this positive affirmation into your own mind. Try it. It is powerful.

4.  Visualise Your Positive Thought In It’s Completed State. See yourself already in possession  of the positive affirmation you have been saying. For example, if your positive affirmation is this: “ I am very confident, decisive and bold,” then start to see yourself in  your imagination as being very confident, decisive and bold. Imagine those life situations that you will be finding yourself soon and visualise yourself in total control, secure, relaxed, decisive and extremely bold. Also in your imagination, see how people around you are admiring your self-confidence and a strong sense of purpose, self-reliance and personal power. I have personally found this exercise very helpful whenever I am about to do something that seems scary scary, new or challenging. It is very effective.

5.  Be Persistent. This is important, especially for those people whose negative thoughts activities have become habitual. Make sure you persist in writing down your negative thoughts and changing them to positive, and visualising them in their positive completed states. Your brain needs time to destroy the old habit wirings already in existence in your brain and then build new ones for your new empowering positive affirmations. Therefore, do not quit simply because your automatic negative thoughts seem to be increasing. Just keep on using all of the above steps and eventually those negative thoughts will start slowing down as your brain rewires itself for positivity, creativity, calm and confidence.

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Take Care


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