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THE HELP THAT YOU NEED: Turn Your Knowledge, Idea or Expertise Into Profitable Information Products

With my valuable experience, expertise and personalised support, you can create your own profitable information product and start generating passive income...

Would You Like Me To Personally Work With You to Create Your FIRST Digital Product?

Check Out My Mentorship Programme on "One-On-One Help to Create Your First Profitable Information Product"

Why Some People Think This A Great Idea...

Every year I work with seven new clients on a one-to-one basis to create their first product from start to finish. After reading the manual above, some people still prefer me to closely work with them all the way until their first product is finished, digitally automated and launched.

Of course, I understand why some people would go the extra mile to register for this service as there is a huge difference between having all the information you need to succeed and actually succeeding. It takes a lot of disciplines and mental resilience to transmute ideas into realities and navigate through challenges, setbacks and other unforeseen roadblocks that progress often attracts.

What You Get From this Personalised Mentorship Programme...

This mentorship programme is for one complete year, that is, 12 months. Alongside your total co-operation and diligence, my main objective as a coach within a 12-month period is to ensure that you have a great information product that people want and are willing to buy from you. This also includes the complete automation of your digital product and launch.

You will receive one-to-one help in the following areas and more:

Basically, we'll work together to follow all the steps in the manual to create your first product that will sell and continue to generate passive income for you. The following are some of the areas we will work on to turn your message into a tangible and profitable digital product:

  • Finding the most profitable sub-niche area that suits your passions and expertise.
  • Researching the competition.
  • Refining your message
  • The most effective format to follow when creating your content.
  • Packaging your content.
  • Registering a domain name and hosting to sell your digital product.
  • Choosing the right web platform and building your website (Don't worry if you don't know anything about website building, you will be surprised how easy this can be).
  • Creating sales pages that convert.
  • Integrating your sales pages with a payment platform such as PayPal.
  • Facilitating the complete automation of your digital product.
  • Promoting your product and helping you with an effective launch process.
  • Helping you access the most effective partnering processes out there to boost your sales.
  • Ensuring the overall profitability of your digital product.
  • And much more...

What Is Required of You...

Creating a good information product that will genuinely help people and generate good income will require a lot of hard work. Success is a combination of purpose, passion, perseverance and perspiration. Therefore, you must be willing to work really hard.

Most of our meetings will take place over the phone, on Skype or via emails. For my UK clients, I meet up face to face with them at least once a year, depending on the distance. This then means that you have to be willing to be fully accountable and work to our deadlines (there will be many deadlines but concessions can be given is some exceptional cases).

Good time management is essential, as well as the "Will to finish". You must resolve in your min to become a finisher. My job is to provide the needed motivation and expertise. But success is impossible without your willingness to work really hard to complete tasks.

Important Information If You're Thinking of Registering...

Because I am only able to take on seven new clients every year for this mentorship programme, I can't always guarantee a place for everyone through out the year. If for a given year, seven new clients have already registered, that means there is no more space for one-to-one mentorship from me for you that year.

What Happens If You Miss Out...

If you miss out on a place for the 12-Month Mentorship Programme, you can go on the waiting list for the following year, using the below Mentorship Waiting List Initial Request Form.

  • New clients on the waiting list will be given the opportunity first to register the following year.
  • If the number of new clients on the waiting list is more than seven, the first seven people to go on the waiting list will be given opportunity to register first for the mentorship programme.
  • If there is a cancellation or no show, the next people on the waiting list will be contacted.

What Other Membership Privileges Come With This Mentorship Programme...?

This is a GOLD Membership level. This means that you have exclusive benefits that a person who is on a bronze or silver level do not have.

  1. Besides the one-to-one coaching that I have already mentioned, you will have free access pass to my live workshop twice a year. I run workshops and seminars across the UK every year for paying clients. As a Gold member, you are entitled to attending my two live workshops a year. Live workshops carry a peculiar energy that no other training or coaching platform can replicate. This helps you to deepen your skills and connect with like-minded people who are aspiring to turn their messages into profitable information products. You can share about your struggles and strengths as you encourage each other to greatness.
  2. As a Gold member, you will also have FREE and unlimited access to the complete online course for this entire programme for 12 months. The online version of this course gives you an opportunity to watch me teach every single micro-section of this programme in a clear and easy-to-follow way. This can be a great resource when you get into the heart of creating your digital product. The online course is due to be available very soon.

How Must Does It Cost...?

The 12-Month Mentorship Programme for your first digital product creation costs £1,200.

There are two payment options:

  1. You can pay in FULL before your mentorship programme starts.
  2. You may choose to spread it across a 12 month period (£100 per month).

£1200 (One-time Payment)

£100 (12 Monthly Instalments )

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Meet the Coach Behind This Course

This course is run by Wale Oladipo, the founder of MindBody Breakthrough - an online practice for anxiety recovery, coaching and success solutions:

Wale is the author and creator of various well-being and success materials, courses and online recovery programmes, which include: Overcoming Chronic Stress and Stress-Induced Pains Online Programme; Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice Online Recovery Programme; 200 Keys To Unlock Your Destiny; Overcoming GAD and Panic Disorder Online Course; The Millionaire In You; The Power of Optimism; Four Master Keys for Happiness and Success for TEENS; and The Worry Instinct.

Wale is a psychology writer and passionate speaker in the areas of restoring emotional control, maximising human potential, and achieving personal success.