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The best way you can get to know me is to let you in into my world a little bit. Here is my story:

My motivation for getting involved with emotional wellbeing and peak performance was hugely fuelled by my hatred for anxiety and stress. I knew what it meant to be anxious and severely stressed. I knew how dreams and aspirations of a lifetime could be severely paralysed as a result of various anxiety-related disorders. I understood what it meant to lose someone you loved dearly to chronic stress disorders.

I began to struggle with anxiety when my beloved mother passed away, aged 53. I was devastated emotionally, psychologically and physically. As a young adult, I felt like my whole world would soon crumble before my very eyes. It became exceedingly difficult for me to envisage a life of hope without my mother who had lovingly and passionately given everything she had within her power to her six children.

She was all that I and my five siblings had and looked up to. My father was never there for us. He had several other wives and concubines who always placed a huge demand on his time, energy, far more than he himself could ever cope with.

As a result, my mother was the breadwinner of our own family. She did all she could to ensure that we did not starve. Many times we had to manage a meal a day for weeks, but overall, she always managed to avoid a starvation catastrophe.

My mother was a primary school headmistress in a tiny village on the outskirt of Oyo town, Nigeria. But in those days when the Nigerian Government would not pay the civil servants their salaries for months – sometimes up to six months at a stretch, it became extremely tough for her to put food on the table, provide a comfortable and warm shelter  and clothe all her six children. But her unbelievable resilience, tenacity, willpower, courage and optimism saw us through several seasons of impending dooms.

In the midst of our hardship and ordeal as a family, one of the things that got stronger was the bond of love between all of us. She loved and cherished all of her children – as we stood very strongly by her and did our very best to help and encourage her through tough times.

In return, my three sisters, two brothers and I also adored her for her love and passion to give us the best she could afford. And she did just that – even beyond our wildest expectations.

When she passed away – undoubtedly because of the enormous amount of anxiety and stress she was constantly exposed to (her biological heart could no longer support the gigantic levels of pressures), my own personal anxiety took a huge leap in a wrong direction. Although I had always felt great anxiety as a child while wandering around the garbage and rubbish dumping sites looking for scraps or leftover food or while hunting for fish in a stream infested with poisonous snakes, it was nothing to compare with the anxiety I began to live with after my mother’s departure.

It was about a year later I realised I could not sustain my life in a perpetual state of anxiety, anger, and stress. Then I began to seek help. The church I attended at the time help tremendously in my recovery. But what was fascinating to me was my ever-widening hatred for anxiety and stress.

I began to ask questions concerning the human capability to be anxious and stressed. I started to think about the potential solutions to defeat anxiety. I lived with them. I never enjoyed them. They cut short my mother’s life (this was my belief at the time) and made my life a hell on earth. Now I was on a mission to expose them and cut them off from our societies. I once and for all declared war against worry, anxiety, and stress.

It was this passion to see people free from anxiety and stress that led me to psychotherapy. I wanted to help. And ever since that is what I have been doing. I have continued to research the subject of worry, stress, and anxiety. I have treated several anxiety patients all of whom have defeated their anxieties and have gone on to live life to the full.

As a result of my relentless research and personal development on the subject of worry, I finally unearthed, in my opinion, the greatest hidden secret about humans and his worry life. It is all packaged for readers in my book titled, The Worry Instinct.

The Worry Instinct: Wale OladipoThis is the purpose of this book – to share these secrets with humanity for the purpose of total liberation from the deadly incarceration of excessive worrying, anxiety, and stress.

You do not have to suffer anymore. You do not even have to lose anyone you love to anxiety disorders or stress. You can now be emotionally whole, capacitated, healthy and refreshed. You can pursue your dreams and achieve all of them. Spend more time with your loved ones and live in happiness, peace, and in a constant state of great satisfaction and gratitude.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit more. I really appreciate that!

Feel free to share your own story with me. I promise to reply ASAP.

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  • Jenny

    Reply Reply May 16, 2016

    Just discovered your blog today. I am so deeply moved and inspired by your story. It’s incredible how far you’ve come. Your perspective is so refreshing, i literally felt like i just took my first breath of air in what feels like weeks. Lately i’ve been drowning in my own negative thoughts. But what was different this time around was, I truly started to believe in the validity of all these “absurd” thoughts. My mind created EVIDENCE and cold hard PROOF to back up these beliefs… i’m a failure, worthless, too old etc. this is when I became disillusioned with life and lost all hope for my future. I did not want to die. But for the first time I saw little reason to get out of bed. I just turned 28. And after 10 years of this torture which I’m very well aware I brought upon myself, with no signs of positive results or improvement after a decade, I finally wanted to give up. I know this is not an option. I just did not know how to break free of this unhealthy mindset. You are the first person in months that has given me some hope. You don’t want to know what its like to live a life every day with no hope. It’s the closest encounter one can have with death while still being alive. I never want to be in this place again. Just wanted to let you know the value of your work. I know I still have a lot of work to do. I just have to practice patience and work on improving my internal dialogue every single day.

  • admin

    Reply Reply May 17, 2016


    Thanks so much Jenny for sharing your story with me. I am glad that my story has inspired you. Your story has made my day and filled my heart with great excitement.

    Breaking free from unhealthy mindset takes time. It is called mindset because it is a “mind” which over time has been set like concrete. The good news is that you’ve found a positive spark within you that has been lacking for some time. My materials have inspired you. All you need to do to destroy the negative neurological pathways in the brain is to start reading (or listening to) daily anything that will further inspire you.

    The two keywords are “repetition” and “daily.” Whatever you do daily will eventually dominate your mind and your world. You eventually become what you do daily. In the same manner, your mind becomes what it focuses on daily.

    When you make motivational and inspirational messages your daily focus, negative brain wirings eventually give way for the newly build positive pathways. This is how to win the battle of negative internal dialogues. As a result, your energy level will rise. Your personal power will increase. You will grow in self-confidence and a sense of gratitude. You’ll start looking outwardly for those you might be a blessing to.

    If you live in the UK, I am very happy for you to attend one of my live events around the UK so that we can further connect. I understand this may not be possible if you are writing from another country.

    Hope this is helpful. Thanks once again for getting in touch.

    Best regards

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