How to Succeed By Changing Your Friends

horses imageWhen I was a year eight secondary student, I started to hang out with a group of disinterested guys in my school. These guys simply prefered to spend time in the forest and hunt on school time.

They would come into the classroom and tell me stories about how they hunted a certain wild animal down and how they climbed up the cashew and the mango trees and had a feast of fruits.


Honestly speaking, I often thought, “What these guys are doing is a lot more fun than sitting through some boring lessons.”

Well, I finally joined the hunting group. It did not take long before I began to get in trouble with the school authority. My school results took an awful plunge in a wrong direction. Everyone who knew how hard I used to try could not believe it was me.

You Become Like the People You Hang Out With The Most

One of the most powerful quotes that changed my life is a line from Jim Rohn, the American success philosopher, that says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” When I learned this, my life was never the same again.

Do you know that destiny is contagious? It does not really matter if you believe in destiny or not. To me, man’s destiny is never fixed, but largely fashioned by his own decisions. This is also true regarding the people you choose to hang out with. Your destiny will always mirror those  of your closest friends. You cannot rise beyond the averageness of your closest friends.

This is why it is vital to spend your time with positive and goal-driven people. If you think you are going somewhere but immerse yourself in the life style of friends who are going nowhere, you too will end up going nowhere. Environment is an energy system; it set everyone in the vicinity to resonate in the same frequency and altitude.

I believe that the first steps to changing the direction of your future is to change who you spend the most time with. Scrutinise the attitude and character of your current friends. Ask yourself, “Are these guys heading into a future which I desire to find myself experiencing?”

You Can Change Your Future By Changing Your Friends

When John Assaraf, the successful American entrepreneur, was a young boy, he got trapped in a world of drugs and gangs. He later managed to get a job in a gym at a Jewish community. This was when something different started to happen to him. In addition to earning $1.65 an hour working at the gym, they gave him access to attend men’s health club in the vicinity.

This was when he began to listen to successful business men, who used the facility where he worked, tell their stories on how they moved from failure and poverty into success.

John heard different success principles dished out unto him on a regular basis. He then began to imagine a different future. In no time, he started to back his imagination with a change of attitude and actions.

Gradually, the positive energy of his new environment started to shape him into a different person. The law of conformity by proximity began to kick in. He began to think like the people he was spending the most time with.

Of course the rest is history. Now, John Assaraf owns and manages a franchising company whose annual real estate incomes topped $3 billion. What a transformation! Not bad at all for a modest action of just changing the people that you hang out with!

As John continued to listen to the successful business men at his workplace, for the first time, he realised that success is never reserved just for those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, with no life disadvantages whatsoever. He started to discover that you can build a successful life, regardless of the condition you find yourself in, provided you are willing to flock with positive people.

Regarding a Successful Future, It Doesn’t Matter the Environment in Which You Were Born; What Matters is the Environment In Which You Choose to Constantly Abide

Many of the successful men who were inspiring the young John Assaraf were immigrants who came to Canada in search for a better future. Many of them had endured extreme poverty, abuses and unpleasant life experiences in their home contraries. Yet, they turned things around and succeeded. What an eye opener for John!

If you can’t walk away from your negative friends, you can’t walk into a positive destiny. If you won’t change your toxic friends, your eventually won’t be palatable either. So if you have dreams and goals, and are serious about making your life count and creating a successful future, you must start spending time with more positive  and successful people.

Ways To Hang Out With More Positive and Successful People

There are many places to find positive, goal-driven and action-oriented successful people:

  • Volunteer for organisations such as the scouts.
  • Join civic groups such as Rotary International.
  • Volunteer to serve with other leaders in your place of worship.
  • Attend your professional conferences.
  • Join your local chamber of commerce.
  • Volunteer for leadership positions at your school or community.
  • Attend courses, seminars, workshops taught by those who have already created the kind of future that you desire to create.
  • Whenever you can, fly first class or business class.
  • Read biographies and motivational books of proven and successful people.
  • Simply look for every opportunity to hang around with positive and successful people.

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