How to Find Your Passion: Overcome Unhappiness and Create Greater life Satisfaction

The greatest key to happiness and success in life is to discover our dominant passion and operate in the centre  of our greatest gifting. Have you identified your dominant talent? In finding your greatest passion, here are the key questions to consider:

  • What is your greatest gift to humanity?
  • What are you very good at?
  • What do you have a passion for?
  • If you had six months to live what one thing would you do more of to benefit the world around you?

“Your gift that imparts others the most is your quickest way out of poverty.” – Wale Oladipo

Poverty is not just about lack of money. There are other types of poverty, such as: mental poverty, emotional poverty, spiritual poverty etc. All of these are, by the way, inner poverties: simply because they are experienced mainly in the mind.

More often than not, inner poverty is more brutal than outer poverty. This is why someone can be worth billions of dollars and still chooses to terminate his own life. His inner poverty simply outweighs his outer riches.

The only way to escape inner and outer poverty is to focus on serving others with our gifts and talents.“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” said J.M Barries, the Scottish author.

We are all creatures of treasures. We possess gifts, talents and special abilities. Some are good with people while others are fantastic with numbers. Some people love to paint while others love to cook. Some love to motivate others while other people have a passion for fashion.

There is no human on earth who has not been endowed with a passion with which he is to impact his world positively. The tragic thing is that many people are yet to identify their biggest gift to life. Some feel they are good at many things but not so special in any of them. Others simply write themselves off from among the gifted and the talented. They see themselves as inadequate, incompetent, useless and deserving punishments.

Here is the truth: If you are human, you have something special. You carry something very unique within you that the rest 6.5 billion humans on earth do not have. Your DNA is proof of this. You were exclusively fashioned. There is no other YOU in existence. You have something that other people need and can greatly benefit from. This special gift of yours is there to serve others with. In return, if you are diligent at using your gift to serve others, this gift will turn around to serve you, beyond your wildest dreams.

If you are struggling to identify your dominant gift, the following thoughts are aimed to help you in finding and deploying your biggest gift to life, so that you can enjoy both the inner and outer riches that produce greater life fulfilment.

  1. Passion is proof that a talent is present. Do you think that you have no gift for anything? Consider what you have a passion for. What do you like to do? Passion is the evidence that there is a gift within you. Whatever you have a passion for, you possess a special talent in that thing. You only need to recognise it, develop it and then deeply it into your world to serve others.
  2. Passion reveals where your most valuable wisdom lies. Your most valuable wisdom is at the place of your greatest passion. This is where you will unearth the uncommon insights, ideas, and wisdom that will enable you to impact your world at the maximum level possible. Mother Theresa’s greatest passion is kindness. Little wonder she never ran out of the wisdom she needed to serve more desolate and impoverished people.
  3. Passion houses your greatest creativity. You will always be creative in the environment of your greatest passion. When you are doing what you love, creativity is a norm. Lack of creativity has been attributed to lack of passion. If you do not like your job, you will struggle to stay creative in that job. Once you find what you were shaped for, the floodgates of creative ideas are open to you for advancement and greater contributions.
  4. Passion makes you memorable. When I say Thomas Edison, you’ll think inventions. When I say Muhamed Ali, you’ll remember boxing. When I talk about Tiger Woods, you’ll think about golfing. This is because passion makes you memorable. It drives your memory into the fabrics of others who have come in contact with you. You will always be remembered for what you are most passionate about.
  5. Your abundance is hidden in your greatest passion. Passion has a huge monetary value. However, you do not start out with a passion thinking you only want to make a lot of money. This type of passion is shallow and often fizzles out in the face of challenges. Genuine passion starts out with two things in mind: inner fulfilment and service. When your passion is driven by service and pure inner fulfilment, it eventually becomes a magnet for abundance of wealth and material things.
    Zig Ziglar, the american motivational speaker put it this way, “If you help enough people get what they want, they will help you get everything that you want.” It is true that your abundance is hidden in your greatest gift and passion. However, it takes a servitude mentality, sacrifice and perseverance to tap into this abundance.
  6. The passion that serves others is the passion that leads to greater life satisfaction. If you want to be fully fulfilled and satisfied in life, you will need to identify your greatest gift, develop it fully and serve it to your world as much as you possibly can. Life satisfaction is deeper than a good sensation that you get when you receive something that you love. Life satisfaction comes not through what you receive from life, but through what you give to life.
    A doctor once said that he has never seen a successful business man on his deathbed that says, ““ I wish I’d spent more time in the office.”” At the end of our life, the questions that seem to matter are not about getting more things. Rather, they are about love, sacrifice and service: “Have I loved? Have I done my best to benefit other people? Have I spent enough time with the people I love dearly? Did I identify, develop and deploy my greatest gift to make the world a better place?”

Find Your Passion Now:

  • Identify and write down everything you really love to do that can serve other people.
  • Then ask yourself this question, “If I only had the opportunity to do one thing all day long out of these areas of passion, what one thing would I choose?”
  • Whatever you come up with, that is your strongest passion for now.
  • Start to build all your life around it.

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