How To Develop Focus and Achieve Your Major Goals

Whatever your current circumstance may be, regardless of where you are in the economic ladder, you can be successful if you are willing to catch the spirit of success – which is focus.Recent studies have shown that 80% of millionaires in America are first generation millionaires. 75% of the 300 world-class leaders were either raised in poverty, abused as children or had some serious physical disabilities. Studies further showed that 52% of the CEOs of the “Fortune 500 Companies” are from poor families.

Therefore, if you can focus, you can be successful.

Below are the 5 steps to develop focus and achieve your goals;

  1. Identify a compelling purpose, vision or goal that is worth living and dying for. Whatever you are willing to die for is your ultimate purpose in life. What you are living for should be what you are willing to die for. If you are not willing to die for what you are currently living for, change it and find something that you are so passionate about that you are willing to lay down your life for if need be.
  2. Set achievable goals. Goals are the energies and the creative forces that condition your mind for focus. Unless you determine where you are heading for in the first place, you have no chance ofholiday view getting there. Begin by setting small goals that you can easily achieve to train your mind for focus and completion. Then continue to increase your goals as you get used to the thrill of achieving goals.
  3. Prioritise actions. The purpose of a goal is to force you into corresponding positive actions. Positive and consistent actions in the directions of your goals will enable you to build a momentum for success. These action-steps will continue to energise your mind for higher level of focus that will guarantee greater accomplishments.
  4. Resolve to never quit. This is key. Set it as a goal never to throw in the towel at any stage on your journey to greatness. Whether you like it or not, you will fail several times. You will experience seasons of discouragements. You will be tempted many times to quit. You will question your competence, sense of judgements and ability to succeed. But, if you have already eliminated quitting from your mindset right from the outset, you will always find the strength to carry on. You may have to change your strategies, or take a step or two backward, or even exploit new opportunities. But you will never take quitting for an answer. This is what making up your mind early not to quit can do for you.
  5. Be relentless in learning. The law of entropy in physics says that, “A system left unattended will deteriorate and unless new energy is pumped in, an organism will degenerate.” You must continue to pump new ideas, insights and relevant knowledge into your mind. Your mind is a success system that requires constant updates of fresh information in order to maintain motivation and focus. Connect with great minds and mentors that will upgrade your consciousness. Contemplate on quality materials that can add value to your mind. Read biographies, motivational books, and other ebooks in your field to continue to self-develop. This is the key to maintaining passion and focus to weather the storms of discouragements and failures that you will face many times on your journey to the top.
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