How To Build Great Self-Confidence To Attract The Future You Desire

Self-confidence is crucial to your success and happiness. Do you often feel insecure, less confident and easily discouraged? Does it feel like there are lots of good and exciting things you should be getting your hands on but you lack the personal power and the confidence to begin them, let alone follow though? Are you easily intimidated by circumstances, projects or other people’s expectations of you? If any of the above questions does not connect with the conversations already going on in your mind, you can disregard this article –  it is not for you.

On the other hand, if you can relate with of the above questions in any form, then I RECOMMEND that you read on, as this may be the link from where you are to where you want to be.

“We all are creatures of PERCEPTIONS: You will always act like the person you PERCEIVE yourself to be.”

Looking back into my own life experiences, for many years I struggled with self-confidence and often felt uncomfortable around those who I perceived as more intelligent, outgoing, and successful than I was. But most importantly, I was not confident enough to express my talents and natural abilities which I knew I possessed. It was like living like a pauper, even though I was a King.

Your Self-Worth Eventually Decides Your Net-Worth

This is one danger of poor self-confidence: It paralyses your ingenuity. It chokes your great ideas, dreams and aspirations, and builds a mountain of fear, insecurities and pessimism in your mind. And as such, others around you can feel your fears and your emotional inadequacies.leading to them capitalising on low confidence and poor self-esteem for their own gain.

To be realistic, our civilised societies judge us based on how self-confident and self-secure we are. They may not tell us this, but this is the reality. That is why many good people with reasonable qualifications cannot get a job anywhere. Their CVs may get them the interviews, but their low self-confidence prevents them from getting the job.

For you to make your life a success, whether as a business person, a family person or as a student, you will have to pay attention to your self-image and learn how to gain more confidence. A future of significance is impossible without a reasonable and healthy confidence and belief in one’s own ability and possibilities.

self-confidence Here is an interesting paradox: As INTELLIGENT, INGENIOUS, CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL man is, he cannot SUCCEED beyond his own SELF-IMAGE. Your self-image, which is simply the way you see yourself, sets the height to which you can attain. Unless you redefine the height of your self-image, no substantial progress is possible.

Man is limited, not really by external circumstances or any other outside forces beyond his control, but only by himself –  his own self-evaluation process.

For this reason, our life experiences seem to verify and confirm our beliefs about ourselves all the time. A man who believes he is a failure will always find ways to fail, even if all the opportunities in the world are literally dropped on his laps.

Likewise, a woman who considers herself unlikeable and unlucky will always find herself being ignored, insulted, rejected, overlooked and in unpleasant coincidences. It is not bad luck, but a fulfilment of a law, called the law of mind.

The law of mind says this: Your Life Will Attract Your Dominant Thoughts and Ingrained Beliefs

As the whole universe is governed by laws, you will always be subject to them. But the good news is this: you can change your self-image. You can alter your mental blueprints. When you alter your mental blueprints, you alter your life experiences.

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