How Passionate Achievers Think In Adversities

“Passion may have exposed you to many pains and sorrows, but without it, happiness and fulfilment cannot be experienced.” – Wale Oladipo

Passion is a virtue different from desire. Desire is wishing for something to happen. But passion is the unwillingness to live without something.

Throughout history, passion has been the bedrock and foundational driving-force for all human exceptional achievements. Whether it is Tiger Woods or Muhamed Ali, or Thomas Edison or Mother Theresa, or any other high achiever, one thing that is impossible to overlook is passion. Passion is the birth-place for creativity and life-force energy.

But with all the benefits of unadulterated passion often come pains and sorrows. Passion creates emotional vulnerability, especially. A man of incredible passion can easily be broken and dented with a single negative statement. It is not that he’s weak and feeble emotionally. It is because he’s so passionate that cares too deeply.

Passionate people are masters at evaluating the results of their investments. And when they face oppositions, criticisms, and adversaries, it seems to hit them a bit harder than the average humans.

Pic by shutterstock

Pic by shutterstock

But here is what they are also good at: They are too passionate to throw in the towel at the drop of a hat. They might appear to be thin-skinned, regarding sucking in the pains caused by the less passionate world, thereby slumping into momentary depression. But they are too driven to let the past dictate their future. They passionately detest letting others or circumstances micro-manage their mood and happiness.

Why? Because they understand that passion might have created vulnerability, but it is also the hallmark for happiness, success and fulfilment. So, instead of quitting, they intensify their efforts. Instead of becoming discouraged in the face of failures, they learn from them and redefine their plans. Instead of surrendering flattered out to pains and sorrows, they pick themselves up, dust themselves down and keep on fighting, knowing very well that “tough time never last but tough people do”, as beautifully observed by Robert Schuller, the American speaker and writer. Passionate achiever understand the extra-ordinary power of optimism.

What are you passionate about in life? What brings a smile to your face? What brings tears to your eyes? What unleashes an ocean of positive energy within you? What do you love to think, learn and talk about that can help and serve your generation? That is your passion! If you are not there yet, ensure you get into the centre of it.

Perhaps, you feel you are in the centre of your passion but currently going through tough times and adversities. Never quit. Hold on. Keep believing. There is happiness, success and, above all, life fulfilment at the end of the tunnel.

See failures as a feedback device, helping you to correct your course until you arrive at your desired destination. See pains as agents for wisdom, empowering you to get smatter and better.  See service to humanity as the ultimate purpose of man. See life as an awesome gift. See your life as a constant and priceless gift and reward for your world, in spite of the fleeting and temporary pains and sorrows. See patience has a valuable instrument for building the character of greatness.

Keep living, loving and learning! See you at the top!!

Wale Oladipo

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