7 Steps To Overcome Boredom: You Can Make Your Life Count!

Many times in my life that I’ve experienced boredom or discouragement, they were all as a result of my unwillingness to continue to live creatively. I stopped using my mind for creativity, such as learning, planning meaningful events or programmes, or writing books or blogging or creating quotes to inspire others. Instead I started focusing on what was not going right in my life. Basically, I allowed problems to become my focus, instead of possibilities. I was no longer in creativity but in reactivity.

shutterstock_197301305 - leavesWhen you are not creating, you will be reacting. The moment you stop embracing creativity, you start embracing emotional crisis. In other words, you will be reacting to life situations, which means that you are not in control of anything.

"The moment you stop embracing creativity, you start embracing emotional crisis."

That’s why some people die very shortly after they retire. When you tell your mind and brain that you are now retired from creativity, they, themselves retire from life – and they begin to fall apart and become easily susceptible to sicknesses and diseases. Simply because these people stop living creatively, and start to watch life go-by, joinning the rest of others critiquing life, as opposed to contributing to it. They are now reactors, as opposed to creators.

"BOREDOM is unavoidable for a mind whose PURPOSE remains unknown. Purpose releases CREATIVITY, and creativity is the assassin of boredom."

Living creatively moves you into the power position where you are taking full responsibility for your future. On the other hand, living reactively means that you are not taking full responsibility for your life but blaming everybody else, except yourself, for all that is not going right with you.

When you begin to complain about everything that life throws at you, it’s a sign that you’ve slumped into a reactive mode. This is a recipe for boredom, discouragement and depression. You’ re meant to creatively and constantly be throwing things of value at life, and not waiting for life to throw whatever it likes at you.

"You're meant to creatively and constantly be throwing things of value at life, and not waiting for life to throw whatever it likes at you."

You cannot be a reactor and be happy, successful and fulfilled. You must be a creator, because this is what you were designed for, Creating values to solve problems for others, impacting your generation.

Here are few steps for you to shake off boredom and discouragement and start living creatively and purposefully:

  1. Find something you are passionate about which you can do to help others. Life is all about using what we are good at to add values to others.
  2. Take the time to think everyday what you can do to add value. Can you join a group planning an event you are passionate about, or can you volunteer for a charity you love, or can you write a blog or an article to strengthen some people, or maybe you are good at organising, or painting, or with computer or even with numbers? Figure out how you can connect with others with your gifting.
  3. Then take action. Make the call. Start writing. Volunteer or do that thing you have figured out as your ideal means of strengthening and encouraging others.
  4. Continue to improve on your gifting, so that you keep getting better to serve others better. Read books, Attend relevant seminars. become a life-long learner.
  5. Spend at least 5 minutes everyday to be grateful for your life and the abundance you already have within you. Thanksgiving is a vehicle that transports you to a good life unimaginable.
  6. Feel, walk, behave and talk as though you’ve already had everything you desire. You must feel the abundance within you, before you can see it around you. You are special and of great value to your world. And you must create and live that feeling daily. This is the secret to creating an exceptional future.
  7. Be patient. Everything worthwhile requires time to fully materialise. Just like an apple seed does not turn to an apple tree with loads of apple fruits on it, your full life-expression will take some time. Just occupy yourself living creatively, purposefully and adding great value to your environment with your time, energy, resources, gift and talent. Keep learning from feedback and mistakes and keep getting better. You will definitely build a great life that counts significantly.

All these success attributes will destroy seeds of boredom in your life and place you on the platform of positive energy, gratitude, greatness and fulfilment. Why? Because you are living on PURPOSE and CREATIVELY.

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