Happiness and Success Principles 601: Live More, Be More & Contribute More

For greater success, happiness and fulfilment, we must all become life-long students in the school of life, regardless of age, status or level of intelligence.

Story Behind the Story

Extracted from my personal growth journals where I have, over the years, documented thousands of thoughts that have helped shape my life, all the principles in this book are products of numerous hours of learning, reflections, mediations, focused thinking, and observations.

Some of the principles were written as a result of the intense scrutinies of my own life; the struggles, the trials, the disappointments, the confusions, the enlightenments, the weaknesses, the strengths, the failures and, of course, the successes.

Other principles in this book became meaningful to me as I learnt from other people and asked questions.

Hence, each principle contains a tremendous amount of positive energy, capable of unlocking moments of motivation, hope, belief, wisdom, and enlightenment within you.

The main purpose of this book is to keep you motivated and inspired so that you can live more, be more and contribute more to your world.

Meditate on them relentlessly so that they become registered in your deeper mind and help you achieve all your major goals.

Overview: Happiness and Success 601

Happiness and success are predictable. All that you need to do is to discover and apply the same principles that thousands of exceptional men and women of incredible success stories have used to catapult themselves from the valleys of unhappiness and failures unto the mountain tops of happiness and success…

In this book you will discover, amongst other things:

  • 601 Happiness and Success Principles for Your Maximum Achievement.
  • How to Use  Disappointments  and Setbacks As Springboards to Breakthrough.
  • How to Maximise Your Potential, Live More and Contribute More.
  • How to Identify, Refine and Monetise Your Greatest Passions.
  • How to Build Pleasing Personality that Wins Friends and Attracts Success.
  • 7 Steps to Overcome “Excusitis;” The Disease of Failures.
  • 10 Steps to Building Great Self-Confidence To Attract The Future You Desire.
  • 7 Golden Steps to Self-Discipline that Brings Happiness and Success.
  • 7 Reasons Why People Get Easily Discouraged & How to Avoid It.
  • 7 Steps to Overcoming Boredom.
  • 15 Ways To Defeat Negative Thinking & Grow A Healthy Mind.
  • 7 Steps to Creating a Success Mind-Set.
  • And more...

7 Ways to Get the Best Out of this Book

  1. Read each nugget independently and mediate upon it until you extract its hidden meaning that is specifically tailored for you and your circumstances.
  2. Be sensitive to your powerful inner sense of knowing that will instruct you further about what you need to know about each nugget.
  3. Identify your favourite nuggets - those ones that connect to you in a very special way. Identify at least your top seven nuggets.
  4. Write these favourite nuggets out and review them at least twice a day. Use the law of repetition to get them into your subconscious mind. The results will be powerful.
  5. Ensure that you have the entire book handy all the time for quick referencing and moments of inspiration.
  6. Share with others your favourite nuggets. You eventually become whatever you keep teaching.
  7. Use all the specific topics I wrote about (after the 601 principles) to further strengthen your resilience, increase your motivation, cultivate crucial success disciplines necessary to become all that you are capable of becoming.

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