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excusitisI have been a regular psychology writer for the Sunrise magazine UK and Europe for about two years now, thanks to Andrea Akpo, the editor of the magazine, who believes in my work and continues to do her very best to proclaim and publish it.

The new edition of the magazine features one of my popular articles titled, “Overcoming “Excusitis:” a Disease of Failures.” You can check out the publication here: Sunrise Magazine July Edition.

The article is about overcoming excuses in you quest for happiness, success and personal fulfilment. It offers 7 simple steps to catapult your performance and personal effectiveness to a whole new level of excellence.

Your future is as bright as the quality of your resilience against excuses and procrastinations. There are possibilities, but only the ones you make possible by your willingness to super charge your life for daily positive actions that will connect you to your desired future.


About Sunrise Magazine

Sunrise is a Christian lifestyle magazine published quarterly in the United Kingdom. It commits to the endorsement of a Christian perspective on issues of faith and societal affairs. The magazine thus seeks to inspire many to practice a Christian way of life, enlighten Christians on vital matters of the faith, and encourage others to consider embracing Christianity.

The publication arose out of a need to address the needs of the churches that make up the community of the Redeemed Christian God (RCCG) in the United Kingdom because as the church network grew, so too did the requirements to bring information and resources to an ever increasing community of people of diverse backgrounds, ages, ethnicity and locales.

Sunrise is now an eagerly anticipated medium, providing an essential communication medium for tens of thousands with print runs of 30,000 copies and a distribution network all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its online portal is also intended to reinforce the success of the print edition.

The magazine has also recently undergone a strategic review of its editorial and operational structures as part of a commitment to providing an ever-relevant publication offering a high standard of excellence in print and online media. A major part of this revised strategy involves the enlisting of dynamic columnists and diverse contributors, providing an even greater appeal to readers and subscribers.


Sunrise offers an enduring appeal to all its readers and advertisers by offering the benefits of a wide-ranging and effective distribution network with an exclusive inroad to a vast and growing section of the UK and European Christian population.

As the official publication of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the UK, Sunrise offers:

  • A skylight to reach the leadership and members of a fast-growing church movement in the UK and Europe;
  • The opportunity to communicate with a very large Black Majority Church in the UK and Europe;
  • A unique and cost-effective advertising portal through a widely circulating print publication which has the added appeal and benefit of zero cost to its readers and subscribers; and
  • A potential audience of up to 250,000 in the United Kingdom alone as well as a very large audience in Europe.

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