How To Create Happiness And Success Through The Power of Silence

“Silence is a proven atmosphere for self-discovery”

Like many other people I have spoken with, you might have noticed how great ideas seem to come to you while you are in the shower, laying in bed or when you are out for a relaxing walk?

silenceI am often fascinated how great answers to some of my puzzling questions come to me as warm water pours exponentially down the center of my head in the shower or as I quietly lay down on the sofa all by myself with no distractions whatsoever – the TV, mobile phones and all other modern-day distractions (often called gadgets) are switched off.

The answer is simple: Silence settles the mind. When in a state of undisturbed silence, the mind calms down and its power of creativity becomes heightened.

Just a quick warning here: if you are not ready for serious positive changes in your life, you can quite reading now, because this article is not for you. This is not for those who are depending on luck for their future, but for those who have gone past the irresponsibility of banking on luck and are willing to commit to quality learning, personal responsibility, persistence, faith and self-discipline to create their desired future. If you are not ready for the higher kind of life that transcends a mere coasting through life, like a ship in the ocean without a captain or a sense of direction hoping to arrive at a golden destination, you may as well just quit now and move on with your browsing, because you will be bored anyway. I am only writing to connect with just a few who are desperately hungry for information that can connect them to their desired life experiences.

Now let’s move on….

Tranquility simply connects us to the most creative, confident, resourceful and  capable part of us which we hardly get to connect with, due to over-busyness, fear, inner lack or unreasonable search for meaning (don’t worry if you need more explanations on this, I will talk more about these factors in the nearest future – my focus today is about self-discovery).

“…But Besides The Creativeness and A Sense of Calm and Wellbeing that Silence brings is the amazing opportunity to discover Self.”

Self-discovery is an act of connecting to the deeper and bigger part of oneself. The purpose of this is to gain deeper perspective, awareness and full consciousness of one’s own personality, attitude and behaviors; and silence is the perfect environment for unleashing these vital phenomena.

 Why Bother?

Now, you might still be skeptical about the whole issue of self-discovery and asking: Why do I have to bother about self-discovery? You do not have to bother at all for anything. But if you desire to get along with others, discover your greatest strengths, overcome your weaknesses, learn the best way to survive adversities, build healthy relationships, break free from financial struggles and underperformance, create long and lasting peace and happiness, and fulfill your utmost potential in life, you will need to study self-discovery.

Self-discovery is the key to self-empowerment; while self-empowerment is a leading requirement for self-actualization (producing to the fullest in life). Your journey into self-discovery is where you grow, learn, find courage, develop pleasing personality, and most importantly connect to the spiritual part of yourself – which will be necessary to your peace, happiness and true fulfillment in life.

But here it is again: Self-discovery rarely takes place in an atmosphere of chaos, tension and restlessness.  It is possible for you to learn through personal experience or through others in the open, but in order to own those learning, you will have to go deeper into the solitude – the world within you. And If you want to go deeper into the world within you, you will need to go shallower into the world around you – closing the doors of your mind to all distracting majorities. You will have to become comfortable in your own company and access the power of true silence.

In the bible, Jesus exemplified the importance of silence and solitude; it is referenced many times that He departed to a solitude place to pray. Likewise, many outstanding men and women, government leaders, CEOs of multinational companies, outstanding sportsmen and women, exceptional philosophers,  brilliant scientists and countless of ordinary people of various works of life have harnessed the power of solitude to refresh their spirit, soul and body, gain uncommon insights into the future, find answers to some life’s difficult questions. You too can do the same.

Here are a few things to pay attention to about true silence…

1. True silence never focuses on evil, negative thinking, or self-deprecation (an act of belittling or undervaluing oneself). Rather it just connects to the present and rests in undisturbed tranquility. It reflects on the past, not with apprehension, but only with appreciation. Regardless of the nature of the past, true silence breathes in and out deeply with gratitude, as it extracts the wisdom trapped in its past and connect with the calmness, beauty and positive energy of the present moment.

2. True silence imagines the future with delightful anticipation. It visualizes all its desires and aspirations as already taken place. It enjoys the great feelings of all his dreams in their fully completed states.

3. True silence is energy; it pulls you into the depth of your being. And if tarried in it for long, it moves you into the place of robust self-awareness – a unique kind of self-evaluation process which you can never get in any other environment.

4. True silence talks, much louder than anyone you know. The deeper you go into silence, the louder its voice becomes. While the voice of silence can be uncomfortable to start with, its effect is relaxing, liberating and can be life changing.

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  • majid

    Reply Reply March 25, 2017

    silence is mystery of life .
    I wish I could remain silent for a week.I wish

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