Wale OladipoWALE OLADIPO is a dynamic motivational speaker, psychotherapist and author of many mental health, motivational and inspirational books and programmes, including: The Millionaire in You, The Power of Optimism, The Worry Instinct, 4 Master Keys to Happiness and Success for TEENS, 579 Happiness ad Success Principles, 200 Keys To Unlock Your Destiny, as well as  other books and success programmes, Overcoming Intrusive thoughts, Overcoming GAD and Panic Disorder, Overcoming Chronic Stress and Stress-Induced Pains, Turning Your Ideas and Expertise Into Profitable Digital Products. 

Wale is the founder of MindBody Breakthrough Psychotherapy Clinic and Personal wellbeing and Success Solutions Online Coaching Programmes. He is an accredited member of the National Counseling Society  (as Osuolale Oladipo (MNSC acc)) and an approved therapist for Anxiety UK, the former Phobia Society, treating a wide range of chronic anxiety disorders. Wale can also be found on the experts advice website, Greatvine.

Wale also runs workshops and seminars on mental health and personal success across the UK. His CPD workshops/seminars for practitioners and therapists are quality checked and accredited by the National Counselling Society.

As a regular psychology writer for the Sunrise Magazine UK and Europe with a potential readership of over 250, 000, Wale’s articles, blogs, books, audio/video programmes, daily motivational nuggets, recovery programmes and appearances have inspired thousands of people around the world. His passion for counselling, personal wellbeing, motivation and success solutions was birthed from his own painful experiences with anxiety disorder, stress and depression after he tragically lost his beloved mother.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping individuals, schools, colleges, universities, organisations, and businesses experience high performance, emotional wholeness and greater success and life satisfaction.

Wale maintains his private practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. He is also blessed with a beautiful wife, Emma, and two children, Daniel and Carys.

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