8 Ways To Release Your Brain-Power For Creative Thinking

“Your mind is like goldmine, if you dig deep you will discover astonishing treasures.” — Wale Oladipo

Brain-PowerYour ability to engage effectively in good thinking is critical to your mental health and accomplishment in life. Positive thinking can create your psychological well-being, but it is the creative thinking, combined with a positive mindset, that opens the floodgates of opportunities, possibilities and abundance into your life. Do you desire to become a better creative thinker?

Try these tips to unlock the creative power of your mind:

  1. Flood Your Mind with Creative Materials. Exceptional thinkers are exceptional learners. The creative power of your mind becomes activated in an atmosphere of constant exposures to quality and stimulating learning. Do not just immerse your mind into unhelpful readings that have no connection whatsoever with your goals. Rather, flood your mind with books, audios, videos and other materials of your most cherished and respected creative people in your field or world of passion. The genius of your mind requires heroes to emulate and constantly learn from, before its own uniqueness can emerge, position and be fully energized for maximum productivity.
  2. Hang Out With Creative People. It is absolutely true that birds of a feather flog together. If I know who you hang around with all day long, I can predict the quality of your thinking. Your creative thinking brain is extremely adaptive. It, after some time, downgrades or upgrades itself to the level of your closest friends’ thinking. Your quality of thinking will always be the average of the five of your closest friends. Association is a powerful atmosphere, carrying positive or negative energy. That is why great thinkers hang out with each other. They harness the positive energy of the atmosphere they create to further dig deeper into their thinking mind for uncommon creativity. Look for those who are smarter than you in many areas, and submerge yourself in their company. Join a mastermind group, where great and like-minded people bounce off great ideas of each other.
  3. Schedule Quality Time for Creative Thinking. Your creative mind requires uninterrupted and undisturbed time to completely focus and position itself for action. Silence is the environment where the creative power of the mind comes out to play and for self-expression. Create time for yourself where you can sit quietly and relax your mind and think. Turn off all your electronic distractions (TV, iPhone, iPad, etc,.). I have never met an achiever who does not know the incredible importance of solitude. In order to take your creativity to a new different level, focused thinking is a skill that has to be developed with great discipline. But its benefits are enormous.
  4. Only Permit Positive Thoughts. Nothing kills creativity faster than a neurotic state of mind. Habitual Negative thinking simply destroys your mind’s ability to function at its best. Your creative thinking future will be largely dependent  on your ability to guard your mind from slumping into a weakening state of negative mindset. When negative thoughts flood into your mind to overtake you, Turn them all to positives and walk away from them as if you don’t really care at all. And of course, you should not care at all for unhelpful intruding thoughts! Take the weight out of them and render those negativity unimportant, irrelevant and meaningless, then refocus your energy for positivity. By so doing, you snatch back your creative mind-power from the paralysis of negative thinking.
  5. Be Ruthless With Self-Doubt. Self-doubt is the number one creativity assassin. When self-doubt steps in, self-belief steps out. Both cannot co-exist. Creative agility of your mind only responds in the atmosphere of confidence and high self-esteem. Therefore, do all you can to keep your self-confidence up and your self-image intact. Avoid aggressively, whatever promises to make you feel small. Whoever or whatever diminishes or reduces your self-confidence will also diminish your creative thinking. Constantly evaluate your self-image. If you find yourself lacking in self-esteem at any level, focus to pump it back up. The best way to do this is to read a book or listen to tapes on self-esteem and confidence. You need somebody else’s voice or writing to help remind you again of the positive values you once believed about yourself.
  6. Get Rid of Fear and Anxiety. Perhaps you could still remember a time in your life, maybe at school, when you were so fearful and anxious about a test, or an exam, or about speaking out in front of some people that your mind went completely blank. Even though you had spent hours planning what you would write or say, you failed to pull it off, because you were engulfed in fear – leading to anxiety attacks. Fear freezes creativity. Anxiety chokes and suffocates creative intelligence and blocks great ideas and insights from sprouting. You cannot live in fear and anxiety and expect to maximize your full potential in life. You must be willing to do all it takes to defeat your anxiety and fear. Men do not fail for lack of creative ability, they fail for lack of ability to overcome their fear and anxiety. Creative ability requires creative expression. But you cannot express yourself creatively if your mind is filled with fear and anxiety. If you have any issue with anxiety disorders, you may want to request for my  FREE eBook: The Essential Guide To Anxiety Panic Recovery here.
  7. Take Action on Your Creative Thoughts. This is crucial! For the growth of your creative mind and for your motivation, taking positive action is extremely important. Quality action is a key to progression. If you only think creatively, and never turn those thinking into tangible products or things that can be seen, touched or measured, your brilliance in creative thinking won’t last. Your mind requires a track record of successes , no matter how small, to sustain its strength and keep progressing. Therefore, become an active agent of your own creative thinking. Bring them to life. Transform your ideas from the realm of invisibility to the physical realm of visibility. And you will keep your creative thinking alive.
  8. Engage In Creative Thinking and Action Consistently. We are all creatures of rituals and habits. And so is the mind – it likes rituals and adapts to habits. The mind’s energy and vitality are nourished, expanded and maintained, through constant exposures to creative thinking and acting. What does that mean? It means that you must think and act daily. It does not have to take 10 hours everyday. If it is only 10 minutes you’ve got, use it wisely. Unless you engage in creative thinking daily and take positive actions required, you cannot develop an uncommon creative mind. Your creative mind needs feeding daily in order to grow and develop to a world-class level.

A great future requires daily habits of greatness. Study the lives of great achievers in arts, philosophy, psychology, science, entertainment, sports, business, and spirituality, and you will see how they have dedicated every single day of their lives to personal growth and positive actions.
In my opinion, everyone is born with enough unique creativity and ability for  unprecedented accomplishments in life. One reason many have not achieved their potential in this area is lack of success-disciplines that release their creative mind-power. I hope the above tips are helpful to you.

Keep on moving! Never give up… See you at the top.




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  • Know Your Mind Power

    Reply Reply August 12, 2014

    Great topic and very good ways to unlock our creative power. Thank you.

  • ayo

    Reply Reply August 9, 2016

    I love this creative explanation. Giving it good meditation will stir up creative products

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