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8 Steps to Earn More and Contribute More

To earn more and contribute more is a desire that all motivated people share. But to desire to expand your influence is one thing. To actually make it happen is another thing. When you become more valuable to the marketplace, you become well positioned for earning and contributing more. The following are some steps to increase the value that you bring to the marketplace for your financial freedom:

To Earn More and Contribute More:

  1.  Cut down on your entertainment time. Your television or gaming console can make you poor if you watch or play too much of it. Always remember that the people you are watching on the television are actually working and getting rich fulfilling their dreams while you are totally transfixed running down your precious time. Television, of course, can be a great way to recharge and spend great time with families and friends. But there has to be balance if you desire to become more valuable to the marketplace. Managing your time well is the first step to financial freedom and greater influence.
  2. Become a life-long reader. Self-made multi-millionaire Dr John Demartini transformed his life at the early stage of his career by making a list of all the Nobel Prize Winners in many disciplines (science, philosophy, religion, poetry,etc) and went on to read all their works and biographies. John’s life was never the same. Commit to self-improvement. Develop your mind relentlessly. This will increase your mind-power for great ideas, motivation. It will set you up for unprecedented success. Success is both a journey and a destination. But your most valuable treasure is not the destination that you finally arrive at, but the person you become on your journey to your destination. What you become is much more valuable than what you get in the end. This is why you must prioritise your self-development by becoming a voracious reader.
  3. Learn to read faster. Once you begin your self-improvement journey, you will soon realise that you’ve got a lot to learn. This means that you’ve got a lot of reading to get through. One way you can be efficient is to learn how to read faster than you currently can. Your ability to get through a book as quickly as possible without missing out on the key principles and ideas that the book contains is one of the greatest success disciplines you will ever develop. If you want to learn to read faster, you can take a speed-reading course. There are various courses on the subject out there today.
  4. Study the lives of exceptional achievers. Like John Demartini, I have also benefited tremendously from reading the biographies and materials of exceptional people. There are biographies and personal stories of some of my heroes that I have read over and over again. They fill me with great hope and motivation each time I read them. Make a list of people in history or in your generation who have inspired you. Study the lives of those who have already created a future that you desire. Search the internet for their stories. Better still, invest in their materials. Read about how they overcame their problems and challenges. Study the principles and values they upheld in difficult times that helped them sail through. These materials will flood your mind with motivation and hope to maximise your own potential.
  5. Attend seminars, conferences and relevant workshops. Intentionally set aside time and resources for your continuous personal and professional development that includes attending seminars, workshops and conferences that can add value to you and better sharpen your expertise in your field. Besides the knowledge gained at seminars and workshops, the corporate inspirational energy you are exposed to and the people you meet can be incredible catalysts to your progress.
  6. Document your insights, ideas and wisdom. As you read and attend seminars, there are pieces of information that will stand out from the rest and connect to your heart. Such pieces of information you do not want to forget in a jiffy. Write them down in your journal for future references and reviews. Do not turn your mind to a filing cabinet where you dump every bit of information into. Regarding great ideas and insights, never trust your memory. Document inspiring articles, great stories, exceptional quotes, principles, formulae and uncommon perspectives that may spark great ideas within you in the future. A successful journey to greatness will require a great habit of journaling.
  7. Take actions. One of the purposes of journaling is to capture great thoughts, insights and ideas. After capturing them, you then must act fast upon them. Studies have shown that the average human has up to 2-3 ideas per year that can make them millions of pounds if acted upon. Persistent positive action is the key to success. There will be many ideas and action-steps that won’t work out. But each failure that you experience moves you a bit higher up toward your breakthrough. You learn from every setback and disappointment and move on to the next course of action. This is what separates the successful from the rest.
  8. Be patient. This is probably what many self-motivated people need to master. They have figured out what they need to do to become more valuable to the marketplace. But when they realise that success takes time, their patience start to wane. If you faint when the going gets tough, you are not fully equipped to win the battle of fulfilling your potential. Real success takes time. It rarely happens over night. It requires countless of hours of preparation, perspiration and patience. Nothing teaches us character like patience. You and your family may have to make do with little resources a bit longer than expected. Some people may have to get a second job to keep their dreams alive. You may need to sacrifice your holidays and other material desires in order to stay on track. But all your hard work, sacrifices and patience will be worth it eventually, if you refuse to quit.

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