7 Steps to Overcome Excusitis: The Disease of Failures

In his excellent book, The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz coined the word “EXCUSITIS” (from the root word “excuse”), which he defined as “The disease of the failures.” He said that, “ Every failure has this disease in its advanced form. And most “average” persons have at least a mild case of it.” This is a true saying!

“Those who are masters at giving excuses will never make the grades in the success school of life.” – Wale Oladipo

excusitis“I have no formal education, my health is not good enough, I had a bad childhood, my accent is too thick, I am too short, I am too tall, I am never a lucky person, I am too old now, I am too young, I am not intelligent enough, or I have no start up capital – these are all common symptoms of the failures’ disease – excusitis.

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is their attitude towards making excuses. You cannot continue to find reasons why everything cannot be done and expect to get ahead in life. Your future success is only as possible as you think it is.

Action is Magical – Positive Actions Stimulate Creativity and Eliminate Excusitis Mentality 

Instead of making excuses, take action. Action is magical. When you advance towards your goal with predetermined action-steps, even though you do not see how everything is going to come together, something magical begins to happen. You become more creative. You start coming up with great ideas – some of which can eventually lead to your progression and breakthroughs.

Of course, true success requires time, and it is not every action that leads to success overnight. But success has a way of surprising people – it pops up unexpectedly when you are busy taking various actions. Some experts say it takes about 7 consistent hard-working years to become an expert and successful in your chosen field. So, it’s a lot of hard-work, growing, learning and refusing to be infected by the excusitis disease.

Success is a journey that requires persistence and endurance. But if you keep on taking actions upon actions, in spite of many failures you may experience along the way, you’ll arrive at a satisfying future of success. Here is something to always remember: While positive actions may not always guarantee success, you cannot succeed without constantly taking positive actions connected to your goals.

Faith Unlocks the Success Law of Synchronicity 

When you take action, in spite of all the questions you may have and all the needs that still remain unmet, you demonstrate faith – and faith unlocks the miracle of synchronicity. This is when the right ideas, resources and people are attracted towards you to help you achieve your goals. The right people and resources you need begin to walk into your life. Right opportunities and other agencies that will collaborate with you start to stumble into you.

Here are the 7 steps to overcome the disease of failures- called “Excusitis:”

1. Choose a course that you love and are passionate about. It is difficult to sustain passion and focus in a venture in which you have no desire. Therefore ensure you choose a course that you enjoy.

2. Believe that you can accomplish your dreams. Self-belief is crucial. It is the foundational requirement for success and fulfillment. If you do not believe that you can achieve your dreams, you will lack the motivation to begin and the self-discipline to refuse to give excuses.

3. Brainstorm on how, what and where to start, as well as what you need to know, learn and do. You must engage your mind for necessary information and clarity regarding what you have chosen to pursue.

4. Identify the challenges and resistances you will have to overcome in order to achieve your desired results. Whether you like it or not, there will be challenges and inhibitions. But your ability to anticipate these resistances beforehand puts you in a power position to better deal with them when they show up.

5. Set specific goals with flexible deadlines. Until you set clear goals that explain your step-by-step actions to realize your dreams, your dreams remain wishful thinking. Take the time to write down your goals and set deadlines. Your subconscious mind loves deadlines. It comes up with great ideas and solutions quicker and infuse you with more energy and strength, when it knows you have a deadline.

6. Identify the first step to take. From your list of goals, what is the one thing you can start doing right now? What is it that only you can begin to do and if do well will move you in the positive direction towards your dreams.

7. Take the step – Act now! Immediate action is the most powerful cure of excusitis. That is why all top achievers move very quickly into action. They have an intense sense of urgency. This is the key to unprecedented productivity.


Reject the failures’ disease of excusitis today. Choose actions and the positive results you will begin to create will wow you.



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