5 Ways To Succeed In Your New Year’s Resolutions

happy new yearIf you are considering making a list of resolutions for the New Year, try the following tips that many exceptional achievers have used to change their negative habits, build great relationships, increase their productivity, become highly successful and create a good life.

1. Change Your Dis-Empowering Mental Blue-Print. I recommend you make this your first New Year’s resolution – changing all your limiting beliefs about yourself. Your mental blue-print is your set of inner beliefs and principles which determine how you see yourself, the meanings you give to things and how you relate with yourself, others and your environment. This can be positive or negative.

If your mental blueprint is negative, that means it dis-empowers you, instead of empowering you. On the other hand, if your inner beliefs are positive, that means they empower you, as opposed to dis-empowering you. So the idea here is to get rid of all your beliefs that decrease your self-esteem, lower your confidence, multiply your fears, doubts, and your sense of self-inadequacies.
If you can get your mental blueprint right, it will help you achieve other resolutions on your list.

How do you change your mental blue-print? It is simple. Try these tips:

  • Write down all your limiting beliefs, such as, I am  a failure, I cannot be happy, I can’t become a manager or lead others. I can’t start my own business, I will remain single all the rest of my life, I can’t stop worrying and stressing, I deserve to be miserable, used, poor, sick and fat, I am a horrible parent, I am not intelligent enough, I am stupid, etc,.
  • Whenever I want to do this exercise, I prefer closing my eyes and then imagining how I see myself (my mental pictures of me) – I pay attention to the kinds of pictures of me that come up. Then I begin to write them down. You can do the same as well. Your entire life is basically controlled by your mind pictures. We call it “self-image.” It determines your successes or your failures. So, ensure you identify any negative self-image or mental pictures that may be limiting you.
  • The next step is now to turn those negative mental blue-prints to positive. Write the exact opposites of those negative beliefs down. For example, change “I am a failure”, to “I am a success.”
  • Next, for the first month of the new year (31 days), read this positive empowering list aloud and with emotions, feelings and passion to yourself, at least once a day. It is even more powerful if you can do this before a mirror – looking straight into your own very eye. If you can discipline yourself to do just this act, you will, without any doubt, have your best year ever. Getting a new positive mental blueprint is more important than getting any other material things you desire this new year. If you focus to make your inner beliefs right, they will eventually get you all the material, physical and emotional things you desire.

  2.  Set Achievable Goals. This is another powerful way to ensure your New Year’s resolution is a success. After you are done with making sure your mind is right, it is time to set goals for the year.  Ask yourself, “What do I really want for my life?” Look at all the areas of your life – your finances, relationships, career, education, health, recreation, and the contribution you want to give to your community. Now set yourself  some goals in any or all of these areas and make them reasonable and achievable. Many people set unrealistic goals – goals that is not achievable, simply because their skill set, sets of disciplines or time available to them are not adequate enough for the challenge.

Make them small to start with. Then you can readjust your goals once you have achieved the first small ones. For example, let’s say you want to write a book, do not just start writing a full length book straightaway if you have never written one before. Instead, start writing small articles, with topics related to the book you ant to write. These small successes will then give you the courage and self-confidence to eventually write a book.

  3.  Break Your Major Goals Into Small Daily Objectives. This is important. If you want to achieve your goals, you must be doing something daily towards those goals, no matter how little. For example if you want to lose weight, your daily goal can include, making sure you do not snack between meals, taking the steps instead of the lift, eat less, avoid sugar, salt and loads of flour. Whatever positive habit does not happen daily in your life can never produce great results for you. Personally, I write down at least five small things I can start doing everyday that will help me accomplish each of my big goals. This has helped me a lot to achieve many of my goals.

4.  Set Flexible Deadlines For All Your Goals. Your subconscious mind likes deadlines. It goes to work 24/7 on your behalf to make sure you meet your deadlines as quickly as possible. For example, let’s say you want to weigh 65 kg, write it down this way, “I weigh 65 kg by December 25th 2014”. Specificity is very powerful. It unleashes your inner willpower, resilience and determination to make your dream come true. Since your deadline is a flexible one, you can always adjust it if you feel it will be unrealistic to achieve your goals at the previously set time. Remember, you are in control – just make sure you are not deceiving yourself. The purpose of deadlines is to spur you to productivity and not to lure you into captivity.

5.  Embrace Courage And Persistence. Whether you like it or not, there will be times when you will feel like you should drop all your positive habits all together, simply because of lack of clear-cut progress, disappointments, rejections, betrayal, loss, sickness or other challenges of life. Just remember this famous phrase, “ Quitters never win, and winners never quit. You may need to slow down a little bit, readjust your deadlines, take a break, but do not totally abandon the success habits you have worked so hard to get going. Be courageous to press on. It is a secret weapon of all uncommon achievers.

I hope this article is useful to you.

All the best for the future! Happy New Year!

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