Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why You Secretly Hope Others Will Fail

Do you secretly enjoy hearing about the misfortunes of other people? Do you take comfort in the failures of others around you? It may be that you feel a bit guilty about hoping your friend’s boyfriend dumps her or your neighbour’s new car breaks down, but you can’t just help yourself thinking this way. While…

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Relationship for Success: Pitfalls To Avoid

People are the most valuable assets on earth. Relationships are worth much more than real estate or money. Your success in life as well as its longevity is decided by the quality of your relationships. Likewise,  your happiness and joy in life are largely determined by the quality of your relationships. In this video, I…

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3 Goal Setting Rules That Can Decide Your Success

Achieving your major goals in life is nether inevitable nor automatic. There are rules to follow and proven principles to observe.These 3 goal-setting rules can serve as your catalysts towards accomplishing your goals and create a great a great life.

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