10 Things You Can Do To Harness the Power of Silence And Create An Amazing Life

“Your success in life can literally be determined by your willingness to embrace silence.”

silenceAre you comfortable in silence? Or do you try your best to get rid of silence as quickly as possible by turning on the TV, the radio, the iPod, or your CD player, even when you know you do not need them on.

(If you have not done so already, you can read the first part of this article here:  How To Create Happiness And Success Through The Power of Silence.”)

Below are ten things you can do to tap into the power of true silence for self-discovery and personal success:

10 Things You Can Do To Harness the Power of Silence And Create An Amazing Life

  1.   Accept and believe that silence is your friend, and not your enemy. Until you believe that silence will strengthen you and not weaken you, you cannot enjoy its benefits.
  2.   Set aside at least 5 minutes early in the morning in silence to be thankful for another opportunity of a brand new day and to imagine a great day ahead of you.
  3.   At night before you go to bed, set aside at least another 5 minutes to reflect on the day you have had.  Look for what you can learn and what you can do better another day.
  4.   Allow at least the first 2 minute out this 5 minutes to calm your mind. Just stay relaxed in one place and focus on your breathing. You become relaxed, as your mind eventually calms down from the anxiousness of a nightmare or the tensions of the day.
  5.   Always focus on the positives. When the negative thoughts come along, just allow it to fade away as naturally as possible. If you have anxiety disorders, you can get my FREE ebook settled, the Essential Guide To Anxiety Panic Recovery.
  6.   Practice visualization. If you have any project or activity in the day that requires your very best performance, visualise yourself as already executed it perfectly. For example, if you are to write an exam, visualise yourself as composed, relaxed and very smart, with a brilliant retentive memory. See yourself walking out of the exam room very happy and confident that you have passed the exam.
  7.   Practice true silence daily for at least 21 days. Do not miss any day. Do it repeatedly for three weeks until a great habit of silence is born. This will serve you very well all your life.
  8.   Increase your true silence moments as you become more comfortable with enjoying your own company in an atmosphere of tranquility. Move from 5 minutes to 10 as you have the opportunity.
  9.   Take pressing issues into your true silence moments. Never rush into making vital decisions. Harness the power of your true silence to gain clearer perspectives and make better decisions. Here is something to beware of in this process. Never start your true silence moments with a problem to be solved. First, observe all the above steps before bringing into the table of your mind the problem that needs solving. By this time your creative mind is ready to navigate you to solutions.
  10. Write down any ideas, instructions, or observations you receive in your moments of silence. Sort through them later in the day and identify at least one which you can act upon very quickly. Happiness and success come through continuos positive actions. Do not just relax your mind, gain great insights and increase the depth of your spirituality, act upon the ideas, warnings, corrections you come out with. This is the key to an amazing life.

I hope this article has been helpful to you, please pass it on to others in your circle of friends. It could be life-changing for someone.



Read How To Create Happiness And Success Through The Power of Silence.”


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