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8 Goal-Setting Tips For Peak Performance and Personal Success

The principle of goal-setting, in my opinion, is one of the most important disciplines regarding personal advancement and success. Why is goal-setting so crucial to exceptional accomplishments? Setting goals is so vital to success because it empowers your mind to function at its best. The genius of your mind never comes alive until you give…

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Feeling Like a Loser? Read This

Nobody becomes a loser for failing; we are only termed “losers” when we quit trying. Therefore, the word “Loser” is really a “quit” term, and not a “failure” term. Losers are so called not because they lack the winning potential or success capabilities, but because they’ve basically accepted the failure mind-set and stopped trying. Such…

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One Secret of Exceptional Achiever

There is no exceptional achiever who has not mastered the golden secrets to happiness and fulfilment– growth and giving. Wale Oladipo

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The Success Secret of Great Achievers

Daily small steps in the right direction is the success secret of great achievers. Wale Oladipo

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Key To Reaching Your Goals

Move Daily Towards Your Life Goal Whatever you do daily grows to shape your future. Every high achiever understands that the link to their desired future of greatness is what they do daily. Each day is a divine gift for human accomplishments. Small steps in the right direction matters immensely. Success is an employee of…

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