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Persuasion – A Catalyst for Change

Change is inevitable in life. Whether we like it or not change will happen. But positive changes that you desire will not just happen by default. You will have to set them in motion through your conscious decisions. If you have a goal and want to see it come to fruition, you will need to…

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be more, live more and achieve more

How to Be More, Live More and Achieve More

One of the greatest cravings in humans is the need for our lives to matter – to feel needed, to feel the joy of progress and positive impacts of our contributions to life. While we’ve been pre-wired to crave meaning and progress, our intrinsic desire to self-express is never a guarantee for our happiness and…

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passion into profit

3 Steps to Turning Your Passion Into Profit

I have never met anyone who is not passionate about something. Whether it is motivation or morning sickness, we all know something that others can benefit from. You may love to teach, inspire, coach, heal, guide or stretch others into their destiny. Regardless of what you think about yourself, what is certain is that you…

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say no more to success more

Say NO More to Succeed More

Nowadays, many of us are finding it difficult to say no to things or people that are not necessarily good for us. We are inundated with distractions. Everywhere you look, someone seems to want a piece of you. It is not totally your fault of course. We can all blame it on the explosions of…

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earn more and contribute more

8 Steps to Earn More and Contribute More

To earn more and contribute more is a desire that all motivated people share. But to desire to expand your influence is one thing. To actually make it happen is another thing. When you become more valuable to the marketplace, you become well positioned for earning and contributing more. The following are some steps to increase…

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4 Essential Habit Principles for the Success of Your New Year’s Resolutions

“Before a bad habit can break you, you’ll have a chance to break it first. Likewise, before a good habit can make you, you’ll have a chance to make it first. You will always have an opportunity to influence your own destiny.” It will take more than desire to make your New Year’s resolutions a…

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3 Steps to Developing & Sustaining New Success Habits in the New Year and Beyond

The New Year is fast approaching when millions of us around the world will be looking to make our New Year’s resolutions. If you are not one of those who have given up all together on making yearly resolutions because they just haven’t been able to follow through on the previous ones, you’ve probably started…

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How to Succeed By Changing Your Friends

When I was a year eight secondary student, I started to hang out with a group of disinterested guys in my school. These guys simply prefered to spend time in the forest and hunt on school time. They would come into the classroom and tell me stories about how they hunted a certain wild animal…

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How to Find Your Passion: Overcome Unhappiness and Create Greater life Satisfaction

The greatest key to happiness and success in life is to discover our dominant passion and operate in the centre  of our greatest gifting. Have you identified your dominant talent? In finding your greatest passion, here are the key questions to consider: What is your greatest gift to humanity? What are you very good at?…

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“Excusitis” Featured on Sunrise Magazine UK and Europe – MindBody Breakthrough

I have been a regular psychology writer for the Sunrise magazine UK and Europe for about two years now, thanks to Andrea Akpo, the editor of the magazine, who believes in my work and continues to do her very best to proclaim and publish it. The new edition of the magazine features one of my…

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When Do I Get Success In Life?

Question: When will we get success in life? My Commentary: You don’t get success; rather you attract success through the person that you become. If you develop yourself and get better at adding great value to others, you will become valuable to the marketplace and get rewarded for it in DUE COURSE. Success is a…

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How To Develop Focus and Achieve Your Major Goals

Whatever your current circumstance may be, regardless of where you are in the economic ladder, you can be successful if you are willing to catch the spirit of success – which is focus.Recent studies have shown that 80% of millionaires in America are first generation millionaires. 75% of the 300 world-class leaders were either raised…

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Why You Secretly Hope Others Will Fail

Do you secretly enjoy hearing about the misfortunes of other people? Do you take comfort in the failures of others around you? It may be that you feel a bit guilty about hoping your friend’s boyfriend dumps her or your neighbour’s new car breaks down, but you can’t just help yourself thinking this way. While…

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Relationship for Success: Pitfalls To Avoid

People are the most valuable assets on earth. Relationships are worth much more than real estate or money. Your success in life as well as its longevity is decided by the quality of your relationships. Likewise,  your happiness and joy in life are largely determined by the quality of your relationships. In this video, I…

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