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information product creation  - wale oladipo - mind body breakthrough
information product creation event - wale oladipo - mind body breakthrough
information product creation  - wale oladipo - mind body breakthrough

This workshop has made me turn a corner in motivating me to use my passion, and also made me realise why I haven't put it into use before. It was too huge - but breaking it down into sub-niches has made a big difference. It's fantastic!

Anonymous, Chiropractor

Wale is a very likeable and engaging presenter. A very helpful workshop which helps motivate me to the next step of my business.

K.G, Psychologist

I needed some motivation and assurance for and about my chosen niche. Very informative. I learned things other courses I've attended didn't cover. Clear, concise and very informative.

J. Whiteley, Photographer

A lot of valuable content, Great venue and organisation. Lots of content included and all very relevant to someone starting out.

Anonymous, Coach

This training helped to develop my business ideas further in order to expand the reach of the products and develop thoughts of new products. Thanks

K. Garbutt,

A very informative course. Personal attention given to all participants - taught content backed up with handouts and manual. Given clear steps for you to follow.

J. Greensmith, Wakefield Hyphnotherapist

This was another excellent course and very clear. Has given me lots of ideas. I will hopefully be able to put into practice soon.


Very practical tips on how to go about creating online products.

T. Wood, Parenting Trainer, Speaker and acoach,

A lot of information with really good basics like what microphone/software to use. The examples look really good and make the teaching credible.

T. Mack, Craft Conscious

Hi, Wale. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for yesterday. Part one of your course seemed perfectly sent to me.

During the course you unwittingly reminded me of the progress and I've made in transforming my negative self talk, and reminded me with such clarity how essential it is to recommence a daily practice of goal setting and planning. In addition, you helped me consider how I might better formulate my online identity, how to research and what to consider to pitch myself appropriately.

I'm really impressed by your journey, you have helped to inspire me and get me back on track. You're doing a superb job and I feel really fortunate to encounter you.

I wish you every success and happiness.

Christine. G

Excellent content and delivery. Well structured and relevant.

G. Oldfield, Physiotherapist and Director of SIRPA Ltd, SIRPA Ltd

A very interesting and informative seminar. A lovely teacher and excellent knowledge. I am very glad that I attended and hopefully I am going to take what I gained further.

L. Boardman, Business Contractor

This course gave me more clarity in what I want to achieve with my online course.

M. Darbyshire, Motivational Speaker, Michael Darbyshire AES

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    Generate passive income and grow your practise through information product creation.

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Wale is a psychology writer and passionate speaker in the areas of restoring emotional control, maximising human potential, and achieving personal success.

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